Material Selection in Design (MATE 410) Course Details

Course Name: Material Selection in Design
Code: MATE 410
Pre-requisite Course(s): MATE 301, MATE 415, IE 305, consent of the department
Objective: This course aims at a broad realistic understanding of design process by drawing attention of the students to a diverse set of topics such as decision making, optimization, engineering economy, planning, applied statistics, reliability, quality engineering, market identification, conceptual design. At the end of this course the students are expected to gain knowledge to assess and evaluate materials on the basis of material properties and ability to use this knowledge for design purposes
Content: Design process. Steps of design. Design tools. Designing against failure. Materials & Process selection in design. Case studies in materials and process selection. Quality, Safety and Economical considerations. Quality Function Deployment. Sequential Engineering and Concurrent Engineering Design Concepts
Term: Spring
Theory: 2
Application: 2
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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