Solidification Processes (MATE 316) Course Details

Course Name: Solidification Processes
Code: MATE 316
Pre-requisite Course(s): MATE 202
Objective: To introduce the students of Materials Engineering to the principles of solidification and applications of the knowledge to industries as it is the most important processing route for materials by emphasizing the interrelationship of properties, structure and processing
Content: Liquids and Solids. Solidification of pure metals. Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation. Solidification of alloys, undercooling, solidification of eutectics. Constitutional undercooling. Growth in pure metal and alloys. Distribution coefficient. Macrostructure development. Classification of alloys according to their freezing range. Centerline feeding resistance. The rate of solidification, heat transfer in solidification. Segregation, single crystal growth, zone refining, rapid solidification
Term: Spring
Theory: 2
Application: 2
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
ECTS Course File: Course File
Course File:
ECTS: 5.5