Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals (MATE 440) Course Details

Course Name: Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals
Code: MATE 440
Pre-requisite Course(s): Consent of the department
Objective: To teach the importance of corrosion To teach the thermodynamics and kinetics of corrosion and oxidation To introduce the types of corrosion To get students familiar with the corrosion of common engineering materials. To get students familiar with corrosion testing, monitoring and prevention methods. To teach students the corrosion related aspects of material selection and design
Content: Introduction to corrosion, thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of corrosion and oxidation, types of corrosion, corrosion in various environments, corrosion of engineering materials, corrosion testing, control and prevention methods, corrosion in material selection and design
Term: Both
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
Course File: